Unique THC Products To Look For At A Dispensary

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THC is the main component of cannabis that makes the user feel "high." It is also widely praised for its various therapeutic benefits. While many people like to smoke flower or use whole-flower extracts to get their THC, you can also find a good number of products made with THC isolate. These products contain THC, but typically not the other cannabinoids and terpenes that come from the cannabis plant. So, what THC products should you look for at a dispensary?

THC-Infused Sodas

The alcoholic seltzer and soda craze has really taken the world by storm. But if you prefer THC to alcohol, then you'll want to look for THC-infused seltzers and sodas. Most contain a relatively low dose of THC, so you can drink a couple of them without getting overly high. This makes these THC-infused sodas perfect to drink during parties and in social settings.

THC-Infused Syrups

Who doesn't love pancakes with syrup? Drizzling syrup over ice cream or other desserts is fun, too. You can look for THC-infused syrup at your local dispensary. With a bottle of this in your fridge, you can make any sweet treat into an edible with just a drizzle.

THC Popcorn

Popcorn has to be one of the best munchable snacks. It has the perfect crunchy texture to get you reaching into the bag again and again. So why not infuse popcorn with THC? This is what some cannabis companies are doing. You can find classic buttered popcorn with THC, but there are also some caramel corns and kettle corns worth trying.

THC Drink Flavorings

Do you know about liquid, squeezable flavorings you can put in your bottled water for extra flavor? There are now THC-infused ones. You can squirt a lot or a little into your glass or bottle of water, and you get not only flavor but a dose of THC. This can be a convenient way to dose on the go.

THC-Infused Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a good way to keep yourself busy. If you're someone who gets the munchies when you're high, chewing gum can even keep you from over-indulging in snacks. With THC-infused gum, you can get your dose and satisfy your urge to chew, all at once.

THC is a substance many rely on for stability, relaxation, and also calm entertainment. You can get your THC from classic flower, but using some of the products above is bound to be fun, too.